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Office Fit-Out Companies in London

As your business continues to expand, both in terms of revenue and staff, it is important that your premises continue to grow as well – as this will ensure you continue to provide a relaxed yet professional atmosphere which will allow your staff’s creative juices to flow. For some this may require moving to a building which will not only be able to adequately hold your current personnel, but also allow room for you to continue to expand. For other firms it may be a simple task of refurbishing your current premises. Either way, we here at Aragorn can provide the solution with our office fit-outs London.

Our team here at Aragorn have years of experience in providing the perfect office solution for all our customers, because we understand the importance of having the perfect working environment to ensure that you get the right results for your business where it matters.

Before we carry out any office refurbishments to help your company to continue to thrive, we’ll meet with you to discuss your needs, your plans for the immediate future and your visions for the office. This will then help us decide on the best option for you.

After our initial conversation with you and once we’ve decided on the best option to help you office expand, we’ll start with the office fit-outs London, which can include office partitioning to make better use of the space available. It’s not just the main working area we look at either, but also stock rooms and mailrooms, where we can also provide mailroom equipment to make everything run smoothly once the work has been completed.

Just because your office is expanding at a considerable rate, doesn’t mean that you’ll have to move premises. The office fit-outs London we provide here at Aragorn could be a simple and cost effective solution. If you would like any further information, or require the services of our experienced team to help decide the best route for your offices building, then contact us via our enquiry form.

Mailroom Furniture Equipment London

In many areas of industry, businesses have very precise requirements of their premises. Without the right property and more importantly, the correct equipment and furniture in place, certain jobs can be much more difficult to achieve. What was hoped would be a lucrative exercise can turn into a nightmarish struggle which costs you money. Conducting the tasks associated with a mailroom is one example which our experienced team here at Aragorn has seen time and time again. Luckily, we can provide, organise and install a stunning range of mailroom equipment to ensure you can conduct your everyday mailroom processes efficiently, allowing your enterprise to increase its profits.

Due to our high level of experience in office refurbishment London, we can implement our furnishing strategies quickly and proficiently. Conducting countless previous projects has taught us the value of keeping our promises and honouring contracts and their timescales at all times.

We understand that, if we miss our deadline, so do you – for us this would be unacceptable. Instead we’ve developed a streamlined tendering, design and installation process which takes every element of a job into account.

Projects are priced and formulated on a completely case by case basis, meaning that the size, shape, location and intended usage of your mailroom facility takes precedence. Of course, you may simply be interested in the furniture and equipment we offer, rather than a comprehensive solution.

We stock Oak, Birch and Beech sorting benches which form the staple of any office environment. These resilient and industrial standard products are augmented by our mailroom trolleys, which provide added mobility to the sorting and division process.

You may not have any experience of designing mailroom work space until now, but with the Aragorn team this isn’t an issue. We’re not just mailroom equipment salesmen, but are instead accustomed to working with the furniture we sell in situ, in an office environment. This gives us a unique edge over competitors – to get in touch simply visit the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website.