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Industrial Refurbishment London

While industrial premises might not need the level of aesthetic sophistication that other commercial properties require, sometimes a refurbishment can help achieve new things with the space available. In fact, industrial premises often have more specific needs than retail or office properties due to the specialist or dangerous work that goes on there. If you’re looking to commission a tailored industrial refurbishment London which is sensitive to the needs of your industry then rest assured that Aragorn interiors can deliver. We specialise in bespoke renovations which meet our client’s brief to the letter.

From experience, we’ve realised that most industrial refurbishments prioritise practicality over looks, and that’s why we aim to design a warehouse, garage or industrial unit for our clients which is not only safe, but actually makes their life easier. This might involve space saving techniques and other logical redesign features that could help improve employee productivity.

Here at Aragorn, we have extensive experience in office refurbishment London too. Our website features a number of case studies where customers can view what an Aragorn refurbishment can achieve. We specialise in the following, for industrial and office interiors London

-    Groundworks
-    Demolitions and enabling
-    Mezzanine floors
-    Structural alterations
-    Partitions
-    Ari conditioning
-    Raised floors
-    Electrical cabling (voice/data etc)

Viewing previous projects that incorporate these features is an excellent way of finding inspiration for your own industrial refurbishment. Seeing that we’ve completed work for recognised companies such as British Land and Aviva helps engender customer confidence too.

Clients choose to have an industrial refurbishment London for a host of reasons; it may be that your premises is outdated and dangerous, or you require structural alterations for new staff or large equipment. Whatever the reason, consider the professional service that we at Aragorn Interiors strive to deliver each and every time.

Refurbishment Companies London

Over the past few years there have been numerous television programmes that aim to tackle builders that are notorious for offering a poor level of service. This has helped home owners to make an informed decision about which companies can and cannot be trusted. However, there has been little guidance available for business owners that are planning to invest large quantities of money renovating their commercial property. So what exactly should individuals be looking for when choosing a refurbishment London specialist?

Tailored Service –All businesses vary, from the number of staff to the quantity of computers present, this means that they will require differing solutions to run smoothly on a daily basis. As specialists in office refurbishment London, we at Aragorn appreciate that varying businesses require their own tailored service and recommend that this is something that business owners look out for before they part with their cash.

Expertise – Taking into consideration the first point, it is essential that a specialist in refurbishment and office interiors London is able to offer expertise in a selection of areas. This is extremely important as in many cases it will save the business owners time and money, compared to if they were to contract several companies to complete the work.

Proven Experience – So that they do not fall prey to cowboy traders, it is essential that business owners do their research before contracting a company. Many reputable firms will have testimonials and case studies on their site.

So if you are looking to invest in refurbishment London services, ensure that you look out for a company that offers a tailored service for your business and one that can prove their expertise before they even begin. Further information about renovations and the services that we at Aragorn have to offer can be viewed on our website.