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Mailroom Equipment: Sack Holders

The mailroom is the central hub of communication in any type of business, as packages and important documents are sent and delivered on a daily basis. In order to ensure that all external communications run smoothly on a daily basis, business owners should ensure that their mailroom is fully equipped with the most up to the minute mailroom equipment. It is not just efficiency that individuals should take into consideration when designing their mailroom, but also the health and safety of employees who move large volumes of mail around on a daily basis.

Most of the mail that is prepared for collection is usually housed in a sack, the main reason for this is that sacks are flexible and they make transporting large quantities of mail around the property relatively easily. However, with growing numbers of mail sorters suffering from complaints such as, back and neck pain, it is important to purchase complementary equipment that aids the transportation of mail.

Aragorn, a mailroom design specialist supplies and installs a wide selection of mailroom equipment for businesses of all sizes. Amongst their current range of products, they supply sack holders that can help to reduce injury amongst mail sorters.

Their sack holders are designed primarily for indoor use, they hold open sacks whilst filling and most have wheels attached to their metal frames to aid movement around the mailroom. This removes the need for employees to have to pick up heavy sacks of mail.

If you are planning to update your mailroom, to make it more productive and staff friendly, contact a member of Aragorn’s design team on their local number. A member of their knowledgeable team would be more than happy to discuss your mailroom equipment requirements and provide a no-obligation quotation. Business owners can browse individual products and prices on their website by visiting the ‘Mailroom Design & Products’ page.

Mailroom Solutions: Mail Sorting Units

Having a well organised mailroom is essential to the smooth running of many organisations. They need to be designed and fitted out with the appropriate equipment and furniture to ensure your business is functioning to the peak of its powers. One interior refurbishment and property maintenance operator, Aragorn Interiors, provides exceptional mailroom solutions, from the initial design phase through to the supply of equipment including benches, trolleys and mail sorting units. These mailroom products and equipment allow the user to efficiently handle letters and packages that flow through the business on a daily basis.

Aragorn have designed and installed a whole host of mail sorting systems to clients throughout the UK. Each of these customers had differing configurations and colour schemes to fit to, but each unit was installed to high standards, to reflect the professionalism of the clients as well as being testament to their commitment to quality.

Quality mail sorting units should be robust and durable, and house the requisite number of rows and columns to enable the users to organise post effectively.

Mailrooms are often a rhythmic environment in which the users are under pressure yet need to maintain attention to detail at all times. This is why it is imperative that these areas are furnished effectively, with relevant furniture thought to significantly boost productivity.

Other mailroom solutions that Aragorn supply include high quality workbenches. These benches do the job that is required but also fit into the modern office environment with ease. They are made from highly durable tops and incorporate extra-supportive metal stands for added resilience.

For high quality mailroom solutions, including wooden sorting units, benches, trolleys and much more, look no further than Aragorn Interiors for all your mailroom requirements. They will maximise your commercial performance, and you’ll be left wondering how you managed without them.

Mailroom Solutions: Height Adjustable Benches

There are various reasons as to why mailrooms need to have reliable and solid equipment. With the high demand that is put upon equipment with the different sorting, dividing and filing systems that is required, it’s important that when deciding on a company to provide you with mailroom benches, you choose those that have only the best. Fortunately Aragorn is one of those companies and specialise in providing mailroom solutions and offer a free mailroom design package, with two latest editions of mailroom benching.

Aragorn pride themselves on providing numerous companies with various services. Their four divisions include mailroom solutions and equipment to improve efficiency within a mailroom to ensure people can work safely and effectively.

Their mailroom products include trolleys, mail sorting and of course, benching which can be height adjustable to suit workers needs. Whether sitting down at a desk to sort mail or standing to file away post, the choice can be suited to the individuals needs. This makes it ideal if working in a bustling environment where other people need certain height requirements to do their job properly.

Aragorn have two mailroom benches which are available to view on their website. They have vast descriptions of where the bench is designed to fit as well as how the height can be adjusted. Measurements are provided so you can ensure the bench will fit within your mailroom before purchasing and colours include light grey as standard with, birch, beech and oak available to match other furniture within your mailroom if requested.

Before you purchase your mailroom bench, take a look at the other mailroom solutions that are available to view on the Aragorn website. Whether you require other equipment now or not, it’s always worth knowing of a highly reliable company to purchase goods from. Organisation is crucial for an efficient mailroom, so ensure yours is up to standard with up to date equipment.

Mailroom Equipment: Sorting Units

Dependent upon your business and the industry that you work in, the mailroom may be one of the busiest departments in your company. With the vast amount of mail arriving on a daily basis, it is important that your mailroom is well-equipped and well organised. The mailroom has traditionally been considered as the central communication hub of the company, if the correct mailroom equipment is not integrated into the space, post could get lost or misplaced which could have a severe effect upon your business and working relationships.

Aragorn, are a Mailroom/ office refurbishment and design specialist , offering British made products which will help improve your carbon footprint. Their mailroom solutions can considerably improve the efficiency of this department in any business, by installing essential mailroom equipment such as, sorting units, benches and trolleys.

One of the most important elements of a mailroom, is an effective sorting unit. This enables post to be categorised so that it is sent to the correct individual or department within the company. Aragorn offer two different options for a mailroom sorting system, Flexisort and wooden sort units.

Flexisort is ideal for the large volume mailroom, offers an efficient heavy duty pigeon-holing solution, with a number of varying sized shelving, height & depth options so that the system can be tailored to the businesses needs. Increases in mail and staff can be accommodated easily with this solution.

Wooden sort units provide a simple, contemporary appearance that is ideal for those businesses whose mailroom is on display to visitors and employees. The wooden sorting units supplied and installed by this specialist are available in a selection of colours and sizes. They can be tailored to each individual business, dependent upon their spatial requirements.

For more information about the mailroom equipment that this specialist could install into your business, take a look at their comprehensive website. There you will find full details about all of their mailroom solutions, plus images and pricing related to the sorting units discussed in this article.

Office Fit Outs: Building Regulations In London

Anyone that is planning a renovation should look into the building regulations for their area. Whether you are adding a conservatory to your home or updating your business with a complete office fit outs London, not following the guidelines could prove costly. In some cases home or business owners will be ordered to undo the work that they have completed on the property. Fortunately, there is a London based company that specialises in the refurbishment of listed buildings and after working with a number of businesses across the capital they are familiar with building regulations in the London area.

Aragorn have many years experience refurbishing a variety of businesses from commercial and retail to domestic premises. They specialise in office fit out projects and specialise in the integration of partitions, suspended ceilings, mezzanine flooring, as well as office interiors.

Their website includes a selection of case studies which outline the work that they have completed for other businesses. Browsing the images, anyone that is considering an office fit out will see the standard of Aragorn’s workmanship.

Aragorn do not simply focus upon enhancing their own portfolio when commissioned for a project, their design team always work closely with their client to create a solution that is most suitable for their requirements. They will discuss the corporate structure of the company, health and safety requirements, space needed for employees and the placement of electrical equipment.

As this specialist has been offering their services to the commercial and domestic markets for some time, they have developed an understanding of strict building regulations. If in doubt, they are on hand to help their clients to ensure that they are working within the guidelines.

Business owners planning an office fit outs London should not only seek professional help, but read about the building regulations in their area by browsing their council’s website. For further information about Aragorn and the variety of refurbishment services that they have to offer, contact a member of their team by filling out their online contact form.