M2 Mail Trolley


This standard size mail distribution trolley, designed for indoor use is supplied with two basket held in the upper and lower cradles. Health & Safety features include: Rear Steer wheels for lighter manoeuvrability (inter-changeable to front if preferred), Height adjustable handles, and Tilt action on upper basket for easier access to lower basket. An outdoor use version is available on request.

Basket size 635(l) x 460(w) x 255(h)
Trolley size 930(l) x 590(w) x 850/1050(h)

TR/MT/2 Includes 2 Front Baskets £225
A TR/MT2/P Rear Pannier £28.00
B TR/MT2/BB Base Board £35.00
C TR/MT2/BC Braked Castor £12.00
Replacement Wheels & Castor
TR/MT2/W Wheel £8.00
TR/MT2/C Castor £8.00

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