Mailroom Trolleys (British Made)

Mailroom trolleys are vital to the smooth running of any mailroom, as with all trolleys they play a large part in the health & safety of manual handling. Aragorn mailroom trolleys are designed with specific functions in mind and in particular good health & safety features. Manufactured in Yorkshire the MT range is designed with manoeuvrability, handle height and load access in mind, the range includes MT2 & MT3 Mail Distribution trolleys and MTSH mail sack holder trolleys.

These trolleys also need to be of various shapes and sizes themselves in order to maneuver in and out of the sorting office and around any mailroom furniture. We at Aragorn have a wide selection of mailroom trolleys available to you. For a look at our selection simply click on any of the links in the list below.

Mailroom Trolleys Products

Mailroom Trolleys that meet your requirements

It is important to use the right trolley for the right situation therefore it is especially important to know what you want to be using these trolleys for before you invest in one. Buying the wrong trolley for a specific purpose would be akin to affixing a square wheel to a motorbike. The well-oiled machine that is the mailroom would be dramatically hindered.

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