Pigeon Hole & Pigeon Hole Storage London

At Aragorn Interiors we provide pigeon hole solutions for all manner of purposes. Including:

Pigeon Hole Requirements

We can tailor your pigeon hole storage facilities to fit any shape or size of wall, alcove or free standing area. We also offer bespoke sizes and shapes for different sorting requirements. Whether you need space to sort envelopes/parcels or even larger items, we will listen to your needs and come up with the perfect solution for your business.

Pigeon Hole Storage Applications

Here at Aragorn we understand the importance of sorting. We understand that in order for a business to run efficiently and effectively, a simple straightforward and above all manageable storage solution is required. We provide the ways and means for such a system to be implemented into almost any existing retail interior or office refurbishment situation.

Pigeon Hole Design & Pigeon Hole Storage

Some may think that pigeon hole storage is an ancient method of sorting. This is true. They are ancient and have lasted hundreds of years because of one simple fact. They work. In much the same way as one would organise a desk, the very act of compartmentalisation brings an air of simplicity and ease of use to the process of sorting mail or other commercial items.

Here at Aragorn we have taken all possibilities into account and are willing and able to complete any sorting solution to the highest standard.