Mailroom Design

Mailroom Design

The mailroom is like the human heart, with correspondence being the life blood of the organisation. As with the human heart the mailroom needs to run efficiently in order to maintain the flow of information, needed to keep the organisation functioning properly.

With over 17 years experience in mailroom design and mail system planning, we can design your mailroom to ensure mail flows smoothly through each operation on its way to the right departments/desks. If you are an experienced mailroom manager with precise knowledge of how your own mailroom should function, we will be happy to offer our free of charge AUTO CAD design service for you plan out your ideas and then supply you with drawings and an itemised quotation for you to present to your colleagues. Alternatively if you require advice on how best to plan out a new or existing mailroom, again we would be happy to offer our free of charge AUTO CAD design service including a discussion and mailroom survey to assess your needs, Plan Layout with 3D drawings and Itemised quotation for any products required.

Mailroom Solutions

Aragorn Mailroom Division also offers a complete mail systems consultancy, at an extremely competitive cost. This service gives a complete assessment of the mail function around your organisation and takes into account existing practices, future needs, recommendations & where necessary mailroom design. A full report will be submitted with an assessment of existing system practices including incoming & outgoing mail requirements, internal mail handling, off site branch mail handling, pick-up & collection points, priority mail processing, parcel handling & mail distribution. Also included will be an assessment of future requirements, recommendations to improve the system (if applicable) and revised Mailroom Layout with Itemised quotation if required.

Full details of time scale and costs are available on request

Getting more from your Mailroom Design

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