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Specialists in Mailroom Equipment

At Aragorn we pride ourselves on the quality of our comprehensive mailroom solutions and mailroom equipment. From design and refurbishment to complete fit-outs, we have the experience and skill-sets to be able to provide impeccable levels of service and construction.

Mailroom benches are the central component in the sorting, dividing and general organising of a mailroom, and therefore a high quality Mailroom Equipment solution should always be integrated where possible.

Available in grey, white and wood finishes such as Oak, Birch and Beech, our benches are durable, resilient, and constructed with extra-supportive metal stands that can complement the existing decor within the room.  In fact, our benches have the requisite aesthetic appeal that means they can be used as a desk within any office environment.

These benches are sturdy enough to carry machinery such as computers, photocopiers, scanners and franking machines etc. They are also able to be adjusted in terms of height, which will ensure optimum working conditions for your staff and enable you to meet necessary health & safety requirements regarding Mailroom Equipment.

We also supply mailroom trolleys - an essential piece of equipment in moving heavy or unmanageable items to their desired location. They also play a part in improving productivity in the workplace, by allowing efficient transportation while enabling mobile sorting.

Our trolleys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some ideal for both internal and external use. Constructed from high-quality materials, our extensive selection can provide the optimum performance in the relevant situation.
We provide an array of other mailroom equipment, such as mail pouches that are perfect for distribution and also sorting furniture, which provides a modern look while providing excellent functionality and organisation.

Mailroom Solutions

The mailroom is often the focal point of any business, and its layout and equipment should provide the necessary organisational capabilities that will keep your firm functioning at even the busiest of times. We provide reliable and affordable Mailroom Solutions.

We are keen to ensure that we maximise our clients’ commercial performance while ensuring our mailroom installations provide an easy-on-the-eye finish. Our mailroom designs will guarantee functionality and productivity, keeping this side of your business running efficiently. We can refurbish your existing mailroom to achieve this, or design and fit-out a brand new room for you in conjunction with a dedicated mailroom solution strategy.

Our Previous Mailroom Clients

At Aragorn we have delivered our mailroom solutions to a wide variety of clients, ranging from high-end companies to small and medium-sized enterprises. We have undertaken design and installation work across the UK, and outlined below is just a few examples.

Nottingham County Council

East Midlands County Council Expands Operation

Nottingham County Council presented us with the following brief:

After a number of visits and working with the clients, drawings were produced that reflect both our design ideas and the solution.


Our solution provided 260 extra literature compartments holding 2 boxes on material, by designing a Flexisort system of 600mm deep x 250mm wide sort frame located on an open base support to ensure correct working height. We also had to install a wall mounted pigeon hole system, as space was a premium, to help store and sort smaller marketing material. The solutions was installed inside 4 weeks from order.


Major Supermarket Expands Through Aquisition

WM Morrison Supermarkets Plc take over of Safeway’s, has increased demand on support to their store network. With an expected addition of 300 stores being integrated into the current document flow system, We were asked to assess the mailroom and associated document flow systems, which support the network. Taking into account

As a current supplier we are well versed with the client's existing mailroom systems we were able to quickly assess the impact of the sudden increase in the volume of document flow to the store network. Working on site with the clients in-house property team, We produced AutoCAD drawings of our recommended equipment & mailroom layout, which was implement and installed by our own team of experienced fitters. To maintain continuity of the system a scheduled supply of mail pouches has been set up to match the store conversion plan.

Major Mailing Machine Company Launches New Product & Height Adjustable Benching

pitneyA global mailing machine company presented us with a unique design problem. The design demanded a lifting weight capacity of 250kg. With a smooth manual operation the bench top had to be adjusted to satisfy health and safety requirements in the work place. The product also required access for servicing.

Our solution was to provide a height adjustable bench with high tension gearing system. The gearing has been designed to allow all members of staff in the operation to lift the machine in order to operate the control system. To satisfy the service requirements, we designed a fold-away top mechanism that allowed the bench to be fitted in to a line of benching, but when pulled out the top could be extended to allow servicing of the machine.

Government Organisation Makes Change

The Environment agency needed to re-organise their ground floor layout and asked us to assess the following


After discussing with the client, the main concerns where detailed in a report provided by us. Within the report we were able to provide CAD layout drawings, which incorporated the mailroom in an alternative room nearer the main foyer. Using our flexible range of sorting units and modular mailroom benches we provided a modern low cost efficient mailroom operation, making economical use of valuable office floor space.

NHSUniversity Hospital of North Staffordshire MHZ Trust

North Staffordshire Hospital was faced with a problem of storing drugs around the hospital and surround surgeries at a constant temperature. The staff at the trust contacted uss asking if we could help solve the problem.


We worked closely with our partners to develop the CoolPak© system. The new system allows drugs and blood to be transported for long distances while keeping a constant temperature. The padding in the bag also protects the contents.
Click here for more information on the CoolPak System.