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Office Partitioning London

Fixed office partitioning or movable screens provide a modern and stylish office environment. As well as simple room dividers, office partitions can be used to create entirely new rooms in open spaces - a way of creating more rooms at a low cost and with a huge variety of styles.

The huge range of finishes and materials available ensure there's a system to meet all requirements. In addition to solid partitioning we have glass partitions that can be partially glazed or fully glazed and can incorporate integral blinds for the option of privacy. Partitions are also ideal for offices as they can provide fire safety protection, as well as offer increased privacy through sound reduction. We supply Office Partitioning services across London and it's surrounding areas, so Contact Us today. Alternatively, consider our Office Refurbishment services.


Advantages of Office Partitioning

Types of Office Partitions

We offer several different types of partitioning units catering for different requirements, from dry wall systems with doors and glazed, to unmountable system partitions that can be easily moved.

dry wall partitioningPlasterboard / Dry Wall

A common choice of partitioning in offices is stud and plasterboard - constructed of lightweight materials which can give significant savings if you're looking to separate office spaces. The ranges provide simple division of space, as well as high-performance walls capable of high fire resistance and sound insulation. They are durable and come in several varieties of strength and size.

Copmosite Partitions

Composite partitioning is another common office partitioning option as it is quick to install, cost effective and and can be unmounted Full or half glazing can be incorporated within the system.

Glass Partitions

glazed partitioningGlazed partitions can be framed or frameless, single or double glazed. A frameless glass system gives the appearance of a complete glass wall. Glass partitions create a light and open environment, giving a very modern feel to an office. We have single and double glazed systems.

Partitioning can also be highly decorative.

We have a selection of blinds and decorative films available for our glass systems.

Wood Partitions

For a more traditional office appearance timber partitions are a great choice. Bespoke partitioning can be constructed enabling you to create the perfect layout to your premises.

Contact Aragorn today to learn more about our Office Partitioning services and other office furniture, which we supply throughout London. Fill in our Online Enquiry form or call us at our London Office.